Shops to Visit: Poshmark Boutique

Ever wish bazaars lasted more than the usual 2-3 days? Hate having to mall & store hop just to find the perfect complete top-to-bottom outfit? Well, you don’t have to shop til you drop or kill your legs if you shop at Poshmark Boutique! You literally won’t have to walk a thousand steps, go through countless shops, or wait for the next big bazaar because this store is a one-stop #everydaybazaar. And yes, it’s open everyday. 

From the outside, the boutique looked quite small, but boy was I wrong the moment I stepped in! It actually has two floors, both filled with all kinds of things at every corner! The shop is literally like a bazaar because it houses different online shops, that are all carefully hand-picked to make sure that the products and styles are different and unique from one another.


The first floor was filled with shoes, shoes, and more shoes! 



Girl’s Haven! One of my favorite sponsors has a spot here! Can you guess which pair I got? 🙂



Pretty Little Blings! The online shop that started the midi rings craze! My new favorite accessory shop too! Can’t wait to show you guys what I got to take home! <3


And just like any bazaar, it also sells all sorts of random things like mason jars, cute colored straws, pouches, etc.


They even sell food! Cookie Butter, anyone?



The 2nd floor was a clothes haven. You would think it would such a mess having so many brands and different style of clothes, but the place was so organized and neat! Particularly loved the classy furniture too! Definitely a more fancy bazaar, I might add!



Ripples by Jenny! They recently launched cool and trendy eyewear too which I’ve been wearing a lot lately! Check them out! 🙂



So much variety right? I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find the look you’re going for here! Also, at very affordable bazaar prices! 



Can’t wait to show you all some of the clothes I got! Will be posting them soon on my Instagram! 🙂 


Thank you for having me, Poshmark! 

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Poshmark is located at Ushio Plaza 1 Timog Ave cor Scout Torillo. Open Mondays – Saturdays: 10am – 9pm & Sundays: 11am – 7pm. 

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