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First of all, I’m soo sorry for the mini-hiatus on my blog! 🙁 I’ve been beyoooond tired since last week. Acads is draining the life out of me. No joke. It’s honestly so hard to balance and get things done, especially when all you want to do when you get home is crash and sleep. I hate how even when my brain is game to do work, my body gives up on me and just tells me NO. Hope you guys understand!! 🙁 Anyways, this is a long overdue outfit post that I wore to my friend’s debut!

I’m starting to lean towards this kind of style. Simple, classy & chic. I love this top! It’s so versatile! I think you’ll be seeing more of this on my future posts. 😉 

Simple classy accessories! 

What do you think of my look? Comments are loved! 🙂

Hype my look here. 

Gold Necklace: Fayenesss Shop
Pearl Bracelets: The Fashion Republic
Black Bangle: Fashion Infinity
Heels: F21

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