Snakeskin & Layers

I’m back! 1st week of school and I had 2 exams already! #wild -__- Take me back to Christmas break, please. Anyways, here’s one of the outfits I wore during the break! 

I’m starting to love wearing jeans again because they are so comfy and simply chic, when styled well. And nothing spells comfort than a jeans + cardigan combo!

This grey cardigan is uber comfy! Got this all the way from Singapore! My first international sponsor! <3

Don’t know I survived w these! Haha! It’s nice to feel extra extra tall sometimes. Lol

What do you think of my simple look? Comments are loved!

Hype my look here.

Grey Cardigan: HanaSecret

Snakeskin Necklace: Bijoux

Top: Happy Gelati

Snakeskin Heels: So! Fab

Say hello to my sisters! 

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