Shops to Visit: SPERRY Customization Bar

A pair of boat shoes is a classic must-have. I’ve always wanted a pair and my top-of-mind brand has to be SPERRY, which has been around since 1935– can you believe?



Now this holiday season, you can personalize your classic pair by dropping by their customization bar at their branches. You can change up the straps, add some charms, twirl the laces, and even ink it (yes, just like a tattoo!).




DSCF1138Before I had mine customized, I first had to pick out a pair which the tattoos could stick on. It took foreverrr. I was so torn between these two similar shades!

DSCF1169After about an hour (lol), above is very first Sperry pair! Had it tattooed on the sides and had the laces done. Can’t wait to wear this out soon!

Customization Bar Tour Sched

Want to customize yours too? Don’t worry their bar tour is still ongoing! Here is the complete schedule.


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