Strip Manila: Don’t Sweat It!

Excessive sweat problems? No sweat- Strip Manila has the quickest and safest solution for you.

Last weekend, me and Martin got the chance to try out Strip Manila’s latest service offering, Strip No Sweat. This treatment generally aims to normalize your sweat glands to prevent excessive sweating, along with body odor. For pasmado people, this is perfect for you!


Martin had the treatment done on his palms (P10,000 for M/P9,000 for F), while I got it for my soles (P12,000 for F/P15,000 for M). This treatment is also recommended for other body parts such as underarms (P9,000 for F/P10,000 for M).



First step is to the iodine test. They applied iodine and after which placed starch. After a few minutes, some spots turn purple/black and these are the specific areas that sweat excessively and should be focused on during the treatment. This is also used to track the improvement from your first time, as you continue the service.


Next step is the actual treatment itself. They sprayed some oil on the area then begin by massaging the part using this machine. The treatment lasts for about 30 minutes.


As it claims, this procedure is non-invasive and pain-free. Maximum heat applied is 39-40C. Because my skin is quite sensitive, I couldn’t stay put. Haha! Nonetheless, it was the bareable type of pain and would still depend on your own heat tolerance.


Results? After one week, I can definitely see the difference on my soles. Although, it is greatly recommended to continue the treatment for maximum results. The number of sessions would depend on your personal level of sweatiness.


This treatment is exclusive to their Strip Manila Megamall branch. You can enjoy 50% off on your first time treatment. Call 5314083 for bookings and appointments. 

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