Summer Blues

Another outfit to beat the summer heat (my outfit inspiration, lol)! This has to be one of my favorite outfits!

Had a little too much fun (and pictures) because of this barren lot! Sorry in advance if you get sick of my face, lol.

Love the details of the front of this top sent by Little Nook! It’s also perfect for the summer heat!

Shoe Library Pink Flats 

My first pink flats ever! It’s not exactly the easiest color to match too, but it I wore it to match the pink flowers on my skirt! It’s really comfy too! Did I mention it’s made in the Philippines? 🙂 #loveyourown #postura

Just G Floral Skirt

Ahhh, I love this skirt so much! The different colors on this skirt are such a good combination! I think I’m starting to love floral prints again!

Because my top is already quite busy, I decided to keep my accessories simple by just wearing this pink glittered ribbon sent by Personalized Accessories! I was so happy to receive this necklace(my ribbon obsession)!

Wind effect, lolz.

Wind effect #2.

Candyland NYX Xtreme Lip Cream from Stuff in Style

Yup, totally wearing this shade everyday. <3

What do you think of my summer look? Comments are appreciated! 🙂 

Hype my look here.

Click read more for bonus photos! 😉

Me at my 2nd home. 🙂 If your a booklover like me, add me up at Goodreads!

My kulit sister, Sam, who wants to be in my blog! Haha! Fashion blogger pose lang ang peg!

Bokeh lovin’

All photos above are by my dear cousin, Kamia!

Last two photos by me. 

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