Sweet Bella

Had Easter lunch (this is such an overdue post, lol) at Sweet Bella at BGC, Fort

I find their French Macarons SO overpriced. It’s so small and it’s like P60

They also have several desserts that have been recognized and won awards.

Mom ordered their Penne Carbonora (P295). She said it was okay. 

USDA Beef Salpicao with Steak Rice (P450)

My mom’s order. Steffi tasted it and liked it so much that she changed her order to this! Whenever she orders Beef Salpicao in other places, she always says it’s nothing compared to this!

I ordered their Farfalle Creamy Pesto (P365) (pesto is my other obsession). I really liked the breadstick that they used instead of an ordinary garlic bread often served with pastas. It was crunchy and had a sweet cinnamon taste! The pasta was good too. I liked that it had a lot of pesto. 

The Pepperoni Brick Oven Pizza (P395) came so late that everyone was done eating. Although, my cousin who ordered it said it was good (look at the cheeese). I didn’t get to taste it but it looks good and looks like the homemade type of pizza.

I wasn’t in the mood for dessert. But those who were able to taste both found it just okay and wasn’t worth the steep price.

Overall, for me, Sweet Bella serves good food but I feel it’s too overpriced (maybe to make up for their location). Also, I wish they could improve their service.

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