Tagaytay Food Trip: Back to Bag of Beans

This is the last post of my Tagaytay Food Trip (finally!). We had breakfast at Bag of Beans (read my first review here) on our last day before heading back to Manila.

They also sell a lot of pastries, sweets and breads.

Lovely view. Too bad we were too many to stay here.

Hot chocolate

Those who ordered it said it was real and thick authentic chocolate (like Tablea).

The ones who ordered this said that the pancakes tasted like they were cooked the night before (eww) and the egg was cold (double eww). Lol.

I ordered their Shepherd’s Pie, which is supposedly is their best-seller. My first thought was “is this a pie???” because there was no crust. It was more like mashed potato and ground beef. It was quite disappointing because I really thought it was going to look like the usual pies and that this was their best-seller. 

And then I saw this…

Y NO CRUST IN MINE?!? 🙁  Should have ordered those, if only I knew..

Edit: My friend just told me that a shepherd’s pie actually really looks like that… /clueless sorry lol

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