Tagaytay Food Trip: Gerry’s Grill

Another food post because I want to finish all my backlogs from Tagaytay and finally blog about the awesome restaurants here in Manila!

Had dinner at Gerry’s Grill on our 2nd day in Tagaytay. Photos are sort of crappy cause it was really dark + everyone was so hungry and wanted to eat (read: hurry up and take the photo!).

This was the first ever time I tried sisig. It always looked gross to me, like it was oily or something. But I was curious so I decided to finally tried it! I ordered their Tuna Sisig because it was a Friday that day (lent). Anyways, I LOVED IT! It was so good! I loved that it was spicy too! I am now a sisig convert, lol. Sometimes it’s nice to take risks and try new things, don’t you think? 🙂

From 6 cups of rice to this. #beast

Hope that made you hungry, haha! Thanks for reading! More food posts coming!

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