Tagaytay Food Trip: Pancake House

We had breakfast at Pancake House on our 2nd day at Tagaytay (read my first food review about them here.)

Beef Tapa

Daing na Bangus

Classic Pan Chicken w/ Rice

I love their Fried Chicken!

Crispy Bacon Strips

Blueberry Pancakes

Blogged about this here.

Special Salisbury Steak

I ordered their Caramel Banana Walnut Waffles for a change. I remember ordering this years ago and it was as big as the plate, making it difficult to finish. Now it became much smaller. The waffles were okay. I wished they added more bananas and caramel. The bananas were so little and thinly sliced. I liked the syrup because it wasn’t too sweet, unlike syrups bought in the grocery.

We had a bad experience of their service at this branch. All the other orders except for the waffles and pancakes arrived first and by the time the waffles and pancakes arrived, everyone was pretty much done eating. Considering waffles and pancakes aren’t that difficult to make. Maybe it was because it was breakfast time? :/

Nonetheless, I will still come back to Pancake House for their home-y food! 🙂

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