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And I’m back in the hell hole.. that is school. All good things come to an end and I made sure to end my first sembreak in the best way possible― with an adventure! I won’t go into detail yet but I was in Cebu just last weekend for Sinulog and arrived back home just in time for my first day of my second semester (literally the first day of class, haha). Can’t wait to blog about my crazy adventure there!



I honestly have a mountain-load of work to do tonight but I’m taking the time out to write and blog, my form of destressing. I can’t believe it has only been the first week of school, and the amount of stress and pressure is just so overwhelming already. I honestly feel like breaking down any minute. Like every other sem, I just can’t wait for this sem to be over. Please pray for me that I survive another rough semester huhu. This just might be the hardest so far. 🙁






Now enough about my personal life and school, and on to this outfit. Sometimes I think my past life was during the 80s. Despite my current style, I always lean and go back to retro trends and patterns. I love how it’s cute, fun, and chic, all at the same time! Sometimes I wish I traveled back in time so it wouldn’t be so awkward wearing outfits like this (and looking like a silly 12-year old haha).




How do you like this look?


Ripples by Jenny jumper, Sozzy Ootd blouse 

Photos by Aya Cabauatan

P.S. To all stressful souls out there, you are not alone. Find time to do what you love, no matter what! It will keep you sane and hopefully get you through this rough time. This too shall pass. x

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