Tim & Franc: Dahlias&Daisies


Wish I could start of this post with my usual celebratory “I’m back!” but sad to say, my barely-there-one-week sembreak (if you could call it that /hello evil profs) ended today, and I’m officially back to school – partly recovered from the hell of the past midsem that just happened. Yes, you read it right, no summer yet for me due to acad shift UP initiated last summer. Anyways, this is a long overdue post but nonetheless, still so excited to share it with you guys!

Warning: photo-heavy post


I first immediately fell in love with Tim & Franc, with the one of the first pieces I got from them here. Ever since, I’ve been such a fan of their effortlessly classy, sophisticated and unique taste, which I feel very much embodies my style. Not to mention, it’s nice knowing that every piece is hand-crafted, original and proudly Filipino-made. So when I received an email from the girls behind Tim&Franc to be the new face of their brand, in a beat I said yes! Luckily, the shoot day scheduled was on a holiday, which made everything so much easier and perfect (my school schedule this sem is not very conducive to the blogger life/events). We did a lot of layouts which I will share in separate posts but to start of I’ll be posting the set that depicts the name of their new collection: Dahlias&Daisies. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do! Let me know what you think through my comment box!  x


Tim & Franc DAISY top +  LEWISIA pleated skirt

MUA: Jyka Espinoza | PHOTOGRAPHER: Gillian Figueroa

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