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TOKYO March 2016 Day 3 Part I: Meguro, Tsukiji Market, Tokyo Station, Imperial East Gardens

Finally got to sort, choose, and edit about 100++ photos from our third day in Tokyo! Japan is so beautiful, it’s so hard to not want to capture everything! We had a full third day and visited so many places so I decided to dedicate two posts for this. Also because I just couldn’t just post few photos— too many beautiful memories to share! Our Day 3 itinerary was a mix of famous and hidden tourist spots, so if you’re revisiting Tokyo or want to visit new places, read on!




First #OOTD shots taken at a random building near our house. Even Tokyo’s street corners are instagrammable! Wish most of Manila’s street scene was like this, would probably make scouting for ootd spots a lot easier!


First agenda – breakfast! Whenever Martin and I travel, we usually just grab breakfast at a convenience store because it’s fast and cheap. We often get something to-go and just eat while we walk to the nearest train station. This way we get to save time and money and get more out of our day.


Hot coffee in a bottle! Love that they serve it hot already. I’m having my favorite instant coffee, “Georgia.”



And here it is, what I came for! Dream come true. Seeing Cherry Blossoms has been on my bucket list for the longest time (ever since high school) and I was so happy to finally see it (!!!) especially since it was expected to still bloom two weeks after our trip.


Meguro River

Extremely lucky that there was at least one cherry blossom tree with petals already! Huhu. Can you just imagine this place when all the trees have bloomed? Meguro River has to be one of the best cherry blossom spots that’s not often included in many lists I’ve read, so I highly recommend you visit. I’ll definitely be back here!







Next stop is breakfast part 2 at Tsukuji Market! This is Tokyo’s famous wet market. It’s known for fresh and raw seafood and authentic sushi. You can come as early as 5AM to witness the famous live Tuna auction and line up for top sushi restaurants. Since I’m not a sushi-eater (hehe sue me :P), we didn’t mind coming later in the morning.


DSCF1752-18Ice cream at 10am… because Japan. 😛



Strawberries with Red Bean Mochi. Too pretty to eat!!


Martin’s order. I used to not eat raw fish then (slowly trying it now though) so I only could take photos of this. He loved it though! There are many shops serving rice bowls such as this, they just differ slightly in terms of prices.




Grilled Scallops



You’ll find several food kiosks where everything is cooked on the spot. Definitely fresh and more delicious! I suggest you come with an empty stomach to best maximize the experience and of course, the food.



Saw this adorable mother-daughter scene at one of the famous ramen shops there – so cute! If you’re in the mood for noodles, check this place out. It’s located in the first alley, just look for a line — you won’t miss it!


DSCF1812-27After fueling ourselves with food, we headed to another tourist destination, Tokyo Station. It really is just a station so you won’t really find anything to do. I still suggest visiting it though because its design and architecture does really stand out.






After taking photos at Tokyo Station, we walked to the Imperial Palace Grounds which was closeby. Entrance is FREE. The place is huuuuge and would take you hours to go through the whole garden. We attempted to do so at first because Martin just has to see everything (it’s his thing lol) but we ended up just seeing half the place which was not bad at all! Sorry Mart!


DSCF1883-42It’s an incredible garden filled with greens and wide spaces. I could take walks here forever..



DSCF1877-41More cherry blossoms here! I literally would approach every tree I could find and take photos, lol.





DSCF1864-38 DSCF1870-39

DSCF1836-32They are apparently other kinds of cherry blossom trees!


DSCF1854-1DSCF1850-34 DSCF1851-35


Aren’t they lovely? Hope you can leave me some love and comments below!

Part 2 of Day 3 up next! <3

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4 Responses
  • Irene
    February 22, 2017

    Lovely photos as always Sophie!

    • sophiemos
      February 23, 2017

      thanks Irene! <3

  • Jean Yu
    March 28, 2017

    Cherry blossoms! Did you guys only use 1 lens during your Japan trip, Sophie? I have the kit lens and the 56mm and I’m afraid I might have a hard time taking photos with 56mm because it’s close up pero mas nice yung output compared to the kit lens. Planning to bring the two with me para switch ko lang if necessary pero medyo hassle lang. 😀

    Best regards,
    Jean Yu

    • sophiemos
      April 1, 2017

      I brought a 27mm & 35mm but used the latter more! 🙂 Bring both na lang!! Tiis na lang for nice photos! hehe 😛

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