TRAVEL VLOG: Surfing at Baler, Aurora

The Philippine beaches are really unlike any other. Over the years more and more have been discovered and have become new tourist destinations. One of my new favorite beaches is Baler at Aurora. It’s around 4 hours away from Manila but definitely worth the drive! This beach is known as a surfing hub and this was where I was able to learn how to surf for the very first time in my life! It’s not as hard as it looks (lol, yabang! haha) and surprisingly so addicting! I can go on and on because the thrill just keeps you going. I first visited with my family and came back last year with my high school best friends (and our boyfriends). It was a short trip but definitely one for the books! Watch it below in case you missed it! 🙂

Thinking of doing a Travel Diary Photo blog as well, what do you guys think? Also, do you have other budding beach destinations you would recommend? Comment them below! 🙂


Author: sophiemos

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