#WhyIUber: The Internship

In an effort to share you guys more about my personal life aside from the usual #ootds, this post will be all about my internship experience at one of the most powerful applications of the world today — Uber. Maybe some of you had no idea I was even taking an internship this summer, even I was surprised myself. My original plan this past summer was to just take a break from life after a tiring semester. Looking back, although that plan totally didn’t go as planned, I have no regrets taking an internship at Uber and I’ll be sharing below several reasons why! Aside from this post being part of my revalida, maybe just maybe it will convince you to consider Uber in your future job/internship applications!

Here are the following reasons #WhyIUber and why you should too!

1. The Learning Curve is Crazy

Interning at a start-up could be unconventional or considered “the road less travelled” in a sea of the old and established companies that students would typically apply for. But if you think about it all these companies were just once a small start-up before and it’s very interesting learning and experiencing first-hand how everything works at this stage! Each day there is always something new to learn. As opportunities are endless, so are the mistakes, which pave the way for constant learnings and improvements.

2. Work with the Best, Learn from the Best

You can be sure that everyone who works in Uber is not only the cream of the crop but also the coolest and hippest people who know how to have FUN.

3. Be part of something BIGGER than yourself.

The #MarketingTitas of #UberIceCream (Christie, Candice, Cam — Yes, I’m the outlier, lol)

I was fortunate enough to be assigned to work on Uber’s global campaign last July – Uber Ice Cream. This was my major project and was truly an experience I won’t forget. (Hope you were able to get some last July 24!!)

4. Be part of the NEXT BIG THING. 

Because Uber is the next _______. I’m telling you.

5. Leave a Mark.

Note: This promo code is NO longer valid.

Note: This promo code is NO longer valid.

Even if it means a pubmat with your face on it. Lol, kidding aside, save yourself from internships where your job description is “photocopy this” or “staple docs”. Find an internship where you are not just an intern — where you are given respect and the opportunity to make a difference in the company. Make that required 200 hrs or so productive and worth it! There is so much I’ve learned in my internship that I would have never probably learned in school. Not to mention, it has also helped me figured out some of my career decisions and shifted my outlook on life as well. So if you are hesitating on taking an internship like I once have, hope this post changed your mind (and maybe apply for Uber, lol)!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know if you want more personal posts such as this and if you have any topic suggestions too! Would love to hear from YOU! 🙂

DISCLAIMER: If you have any complaints against Uber, please email them at supportmanila@uber.com (not here, please).


2 Responses
  • Ciara
    August 7, 2015

    Hi sophie! I’m also a college student like you. I hope you’ll continue your Korea posts haha. Btw, for suggestions, how about list of your favorite stores (online or not)? Hehe always here to support your blog!

    • sophiemos
      August 9, 2015

      Planning to, don’t worry! 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion, will keep that in mind! <3

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