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We girls each have our own insecurities but we can agree that most of these boil down to certain body issues. And one body issue that we all probably have in common is how to deal with unwanted hair.


Unwanted hair can be frustrating and can actually make you feel less confident. Think about it, how many times has this issue stopped you from wearing certain clothes? It’s been months since my first Wink Laser Studio session, and after recently finishing my fifth session for both my underarm and upper lip this month, the results of which are more evident. I can now definitely attest to the newfound confidence from my almost hair-free body parts. Whether it’s wearing a bikini or sleeveless top, I don’t have to worry about showing too much skin.



Although there are many cheaper alternatives to laser, I highly recommend the latter and suggest you view it as more of a long-term investment for yourself. I’ve tried many temporary and short-term services, but in my opinion these can honestly do more harm than good (damaged skin, permanent negative effects, etc). Just spending a little more can save you a whole lot more in the long run. Trust me!


Pure Shores PH bikini, Shana Hat 


Confidence starts from within. Find yours at Wink!

They have recently opened more branches so I’m sure you’ll easily find a branch nearest you. 🙂

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