Airplane Mode

This is what I wore on the plane to Paris. Airplane outfit aka PJs. Lol. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible! Excuse the haggard + no makeup look! I literally just arrived at our the hotel that time!

Old Navy Leggings | Forever 21 Stripes Sweater | Fayenesss Shop Popteen Eye Glasses | Creamsicle Revlon Lip Butter c/o Stuff in Style

One of the cute glasses I received from Fayenesss Shop! Thank you so much again Fayenesss Shop! <3

Tutum Shop Brenda Boots 

I’m in love with these boots! The style is just so cute and unique! Zipper + studs! <3 Thank you so much again Tutum Shop for sending me these! <3

So what do you think of my PJs? Loljk. Hype my look here

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