Last summer, me and my family went to Boracay. One of the things I looked forward to that trip was EATING! I wanted to try all the different restaurants and one of the things we were able to try was the restaurant named, Aria. Through some food blogs, I found out that Aria opened here in Manila, so last Sunday we had lunch there. 

Their branch is located at High Street, Fort, where Jamba Juice is located too. I swear this place is soooo pretty. Perfect place for outfit shots! Haha! 

It was pretty hard choosing what to order since everything in the menu sounded all so good! 

I ended up ordering Spaghetti Salmon Arancia. I swear, every time I see the word salmon, I just can’t help but order it! The pasta was pretty yummy. Even if the salmon was small and cut into bits, you could really taste the salmon and a hint of orange. It wasn’t all sauce. 

We ordered their best-seller pizza, Margarita. It was okay, maybe because I’m not a fan of tomato sauce or italian sauce. I’m an all-cheese pizza fan… or even just cheese. Lol. 😛 On a random note, I find pizza the hardest to photograph since it’s just flat… -__-

My dad ordered Vongole, since he loves seafood.

What I love about Aria is their incredibly fast service. I swear, it was just like what, 5 minutes after we ordered, and POOF! our pizza comes! Haha! Overall, eating in Aria was a pleasant food experience although it is pretty pricey. 

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P.S. Sophie’s Mom will be at the SuperSale Bazaar today until Sunday at the World Trade Center! Hope to see you there!!! 🙂 

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