Baguio Trip Day 2

Note: Written on October 31, 2011

Woke up to a rainy and cold morning, which sucked because we were going to go sight-seeing around Baguio. 

Our first stop was Mile-Hi! So good to visit this place again after so long! There was a lot of outlet shops but were still expensive and not really nice. 

We had breakfast in this Cafe called “Everything Nice.”

Got a hot chocolate because it was so cold.

Also got an ensaymada. It was okay.

Kams ordered Waffles. She got disappointed when she got two tiny strips of Bacon, which she had to pay an extra P60 for. 

After breakfast and looking around Mile-Hi, we went to Mines View. The weather wasn’t really cooperating with us because it was raining so hard and it was so cold. 

Baguio is known for their strawberries. Since it wasn’t in season, we couldn’t go strawberry picking 🙁 We got Strawberry Taho instead.

“Abortion is Murder” sign

Bought this in Good Shepherd. It was pretty yummy.

After Mines View, we went to PMA. Thank God, the weather got better. Yay for photos! 🙂

What I really love about Baguio are the Pine Trees! <3

My cousin/bestfriend, Kamia! Love her outfit! 

Me! (Outfit details in the next post) Me and Kams are feeling Korean! Lol

Fresh na Fresh, Steffi (my sister)! 

Watch out for my next post on my last day in Baguio! 🙂

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