Baguio Trip Day 3

Note: Written on October 31, 2011

After breakfast and some last minute shopping, we were off to Manila! It was a long ride. We had a super late lunch(almost 5 pm already) at Max’s!


Cool how Max’s already offers sweets and bread now. They actually look pretty good.

Daddy’s Order: Max’s Fried Chicken Specialty. 

Me and my sister ordered Max’s Tapa, also one of their specialties. It was good! Craving satisfied! Perfect comfort food.

(Sorry if the photos aren’t so good, I was in a hurry since we were so hungry already. Haha!)

Thank you to my SuperDad for driving us for 8-hours (while we were just watching TV/eating/sleeping)! <3

Beautiful Sunset 🙂

So glad I was able to bond with family and with my cousins for the past 3 days! 

Hope you had a good long weekend too! 🙂

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