Bizu Patisserie & Bistro

One of my favorite restaurants is Bizu. Since I haven’t been there for a long long time, I decided to have my Graduation lunch there. 

I love the ambiance and the color scheme of Bizu. 

Ordered their Blueberry Kefir because it was incredibly hot and I was craving for a cold drink. It was good but too sweet for my taste.

I ordered their Croque Monsieur, because I was craving for cheese and because I haven’t had it in such a long time. I was slightly disappointed because I remembered it to taste really really good the last time I ordered it. I didn’t quite like the potato chips on the side, which were soggy and lacked taste. The bread was crumbly, making it difficult to eat. Although, it was still good, especially with the generous amount of ham and cheese. 

Mom’s order: 10 Hour Roast Beef. She said that this was very very good. In fact, this is the second time she ordered it. 

Sole Burger

Steffi’s Mixed Ravioli

Stef’s Mint Chocolate Macaroons

Bizu is known for their macaroons. Too bad I couldn’t order them. #lent 🙁 But I love their macaroons, nonetheless! Although, they’re so expensive now (P45/piece)! 

Bizu also sells cakes. I swear, it was so hard to resist! #allforGod

They also sell breads and do catering to events. Just a reminder though, Bizu’s service is quite slow and the prices are quite expensive. But the serving size and quality of their food is worth the price. 🙂 

Thanks for reading! Suggest me some of your favorite restaurants? 🙂

P.S. This is a scheduled post since I’m out of town for Holy Week! 

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