Borough Goodness

One of my favorite pastimes is reading food blogs because that’s how I find out about new/good restaurants. One restaurant that I’ve been planning to go to after reading several blogs is Borough at Podium. So after 923028102 years, I was finally able to have lunch there with my dad yesterday. 

The ambiance of the place is kind of shady because of the lighting of the place.

My dad ordered their Tuna Burger because he’s healthy that way. I really loved the presentation, especially that the fries came in paper bag. He said that it was really good. 

(Sorry if the photo is quite blurry, I had to hurry cause my dad was so hungry! Haha!)

I ordered their Grilled Cheese Sandwich w/ Tomato Soup (As said before, I looooove cheese).

Look at that cheese goodness! I die. 

Ommm, this was too good. ULTIMATE comfort food. I’m not a fan of tomatoes but I loved this! The tomato soup was diiiivine and really rich and creamy. The grilled cheese was grilled perfectly and it wasn’t drowning in butter. The amount of cheese was enough not to give the umay effect. I dipped a slice of the grilled cheese into the tomato soup and that was it– I was in heaven. TOO good for my life.

This meal really made my day and as I write about it, I’m dying to have it again. :(( I can’t wait to go back! I HIGHLY recommend that you visit this restaurant to get your comfort food fix.

So what’s your ultimate comfort food? Let me know! 😉 If you also have a food blog, comment and link me yours! 🙂

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