Bumble Bee

I’m baaaack! I’m finally on my well/much deserved sembreak, which means I finally have more time to blog!! Yaaay! I have so much backlogs & to blog about which I hope to finish ALL by the end of this sembreak! Wish me luck! Haha!

I only noticed after taking my photos that my outfit is so bumble bee inspired, lol.

I’m actually wearing a jumpsuit, as you can see! Haha!

Love my aztec phone case & ribbon ring! <3

Been wanting these sunnies for so long! Love love the sides! <3

Can you spot my furry earrings? <3

What do you think of my bumble bee outfit? Comments are loved!

Hype my look here.

Mustard Skirt: Melty Kiss
Floral Jumpsuit: Fashion Infinity
Earrings: MARiS
Aztec iPhone case: My Shopperoo
Thank you so much to all these shops/sponsors! <3

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