If you’re a fan of the book “Divergent,” you would know the reason behind my title! Just realized now that my outfit is so Candor! And based on my faction test, I am Candor! I guess I really am! Haha! How timely because I’m reading the 2nd book, “Insurgent” now!!! Been waiting and DYING to read this book (one of my favorite trilogy books everrr!) Haha! Okay sorry for those who can’t relate! (too much love for this book) Enough of my bookdork mode! On to my outfit!

Had to drag myself out of bed (forever bed time at 2 am, kmn) to go to Tagaytay this morning to celebrate the birthday of my lola! I was so excited because we we’re going to be eating at Antonio’s (blogged about it before here)! I made sure to dress up because the place is so beautiful and has so many places for outfit shots! Haha! So get ready for outfit posts from different areas of this beautiful place!

I’ve been wanting to wear this gorgeous skirt sent by RopaAnneAux and I finally found the perfect time! Since I wanted to go matchy-matchy, I paired it with this sheer top sent by Melty Kiss. It was perfect since Tagaytay isn’t really cold…anymore (global warming effects 🙁 ) 

To make this outfit more “me” and classy, I wore this pretty detachable peter pan collar with pearls sent by Yen’s Butingthings! Doesn’t it instantly make outfits cute? Will definitely be wearing this again! 🙂 

Ideally was supposed to wear heels, but I felt that my comfy So! Fab ribbon flats matched it more! <3 Oh how I wish the Philippines was cold enough to wear stockings everyday. <3

Candyland Nyx Xtreme Lip Cream c/o Stuff in Style

What do you think of my black and white outfit? Comments are love! 

Hype my look here!

Love this huuuge mirror!

Isn’t Antonio’s just beautiful?! Not to mention, their superb food! Will be blogging about that again! 😉 

Photos by TJ & Mom! 

Click read more for bonus photos! 😉

My number one fan who wants to be in my blog! Haha!

Me, my mom, and the birthday celebrant! Happy Birthday again, lola! <3

P.S. Sorry for the photo spam! It’s not everyday you go to a beautiful place like this!

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