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Growing up, I didn’t like putting stuff on my face, actually even until now! I don’t put any moisturizer, whitening, and all those different products for one’s face. They actually scare me. I feel like they’ll ruin my skin or something. I also didn’t like putting makeup too, most especially eye liner. I swear I don’t know how people do it! I suck! Haha! Anyways, but for some reason I somehow got into makeup. It actually started with lipsticks! I fell in love with NYX lipsticks and bought a bunch in a bazaar. But I figured putting only lipstick would be kind of kulang, so I wanted to buy other makeup essentials but I thought, what’s the use of buying if I didn’t even know how to use it, right? So when I found out makeup artist and blogger, Marj Sia was going to have another makeup workshop, I reserved a slot immediately and even asked my best friend, Abby to join me! 🙂

Here are some photos from the workshop:

Our classroom materials. We got a brush set for free! 

We learned the basics and steps of how to apply our own makeup. 

Crissey was my seatmate! I’ve been following her blog ever since and I can’t believe I actually got to meet in her person. She’s so nice, funny and cuteee!! We were even competing in completing each makeup step first! Haha! Read Crissey’s post about the workshop here.

WANT!!! Crissey’s super cute makeup kits! I’m such a killer for ribbons!

We ended earlier than expected, so we decided to take pictures!

Pretty Abby and Marj! 🙂

Thank you NIVEA, Tribute Shoes & Yhansy for these freebies!

The next day, I immediately headed to Etude House to buy some stuff I used at the workshop! I really love how Etude House is more affordable than most brands. Plus, their store and products are too cute, you want to buy everything! <3 

Overall, I had SO MUCH FUN in the workshop! The crowd was so much fun! I think I was laughing almost the whole time. It was also nice to make so many new friends! In spite of the difference in ages and not knowing each other, we all got along because everyone was so nice and friendly! I also learned so many new things in the workshop that I won’t spoil here. 😛 You should all join Marj’s last workshop for this year, on December 10! It’s perfect for beginners like myself. Thank you again to Marj for making learning makeup fun and interesting! 🙂

Wish me luck in practicing! Haha!

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