Celebrate the Rain

ZM1_2485They weren’t kidding when they said 3rd year would be hard. (Actually hard, is an understatement.) Since the start of September, I’ve only had a real weekend until this week. Along with never-ending cases, exams on weekends, endless readings, and org work projects, is that struggle to actually have a life, aka eating a decent meal, blogging, reading books, going on real dates (not study dates), and everything else that makes me sane and happy. I honestly can’t wait for this sem to be over and I can’t believe it’s only… midsem?! Seriously, don’t know how long this can go, but I know once it’s over, aside from crying of joy, I pray, it will all be worth it in the end. But if not, I know I did my best. And I keep telling myself that’s the only thing that matters. And because school has been taking over my life, I absolutely had no time to blog about the next batch of my FILED shoot! (First set here.) This has to be my favorite set because it just speaks out the campaign– which is to celebrate the rain! So enough of my school drama and I’ll let the photos do the talking! Let’s (me, included) always remember to keep that smile despite an outpour of work and stress! 🙂








FILED purple Carrier Folder & pink Catcher Folder, Ready for Rain boots, La Chica PH gingham dress







Big thanks to Raniel Hernandez for the photos! (Can’t wait for our next shoot!) 

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