For today’s giveaway I’m giving away clothes from one of my all-time favorite sponsors, close to my heart and has supported my blog during its very first days, The Berries! I’ve always been a fan of their trendy but unique clothes that I wouldn’t find elsewhere in any shop. Also, their styles suit my sweet and dainty taste in clothing! So if you have a sweet tooth and would like to stand out, while keeping up with the trends, check their shop and join this #sophiemosgiveaways! ūüôā¬†


1. Follow me on¬†Instagram,¬†Facebook,¬†Tumblr, and¬†Twitter.¬†If you don’t have some of these accounts, it’s very easy to make one!

2. Follow The Berries on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Tweet the ff:¬†"Clothes, clothes, clothes! So much up for grabs at www.sophiemos.com! Hope to win #sophiemosgiveaways!“No need to tag me!¬†

4. Leave a comment below with your (1) full name (2) Instagram username (3) Tumblr username (4) Facebook link (5) Twitter username (6) email address (7) blog link (optional). 

Deadline of entries is on November 14, Friday, 11:59PM. Open only to Philippine residents only. All entries will be checked. Failure to comply with one step will invalidate entry! Winners will be chosen via random.org and will be announced on my blog and Twitter. 


Additional Entries (OPTIONAL for more chances of winning!): 

1. Share the photo on this post on your Instagram with the caption¬†"I want to win tasteful clothes from @ShoptheBerries! Follow @sophiemos & visit www.sophiemos.com to join! #sophiemosgiveaways”¬†And¬†Tag 5¬†of your friends!¬†(+5 entries)¬†

2. Share this post on your Facebook with the caption:¬†“Got a sweet taste in clothing? Win clothes from @ShopTheBerries by liking¬†@sophiemos (One Day) & checking www.sophiemos.com for more #sophiemosgiveaways!"¬†(make sure to tag FB accounts, include the hashtag and set to public)¬†And¬†Tag 5¬†of your friends!¬†(+5 entries)

3. Reblog/Repost this post on your Tumblr/blog. (+5 entries)

Stay tuned daily and don’t miss a day of #sophiemosgiveaways! See my complete list of prizes¬†here!¬†

Photo Credits: All BBB photos taken by Photomark Lightworks Studios. Post-processing by me.

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