Dainty Brown

Let’s take a break from travel outfit posts (that I am taking forever to blog about lol, sorry). This is what I wore to the Shoe in Love Bazaar 2! Hope all of you shoeaholics dropped by! ūüėČ

OntheDot Online Shop Brown Skirt | Ever New Corset 

Been looking for a brown skirt ever since! Thank you again OntheDot Online Shop for this! 

Momoko Ribbon Ring | That Quaint Store Bracelets 

Thank you so much Crissey for this ring! Another addition to my ribbon-obsessed collection. <3

Sole Divas Flats

I actually bought this at the bazaar. I changed to it because it was so comfy and it matched my outfit! Aren’t they so cute?!¬†

So what do you think of my outfit? Comments are appreciated!

Hype my look here. 

O ano? Haha! Candid shot! Lol.

Photos by TJ!

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