Dress UP: Piglet

Another striped look for school! My stripes obsession is coming back, lol.

A closer look at the details of my cardigan!

Love my current iPhone case! It’s so cute I want to eat it! Lol. Not to mention, it’s pastel toooo. <3

The weather’s been so bipolar nowadays, making it pretty hard to dress up for school, that’s why I try to wear something that can be both for sunny and rainy days. Shorts + sleeveless for hot and sunny days, and rubber shoes + cardigan in case it rains.

What do you think of my school outfit? Comments are loved! 🙂 

Hype my look here

Striped Top: Flattering Tops
Cardigan: Clicking Heels
Necklace: Hodge Podge
Melt iPhone Case: Mosaic
Thank you so much to all these shops/sponsors! <3

P.S. I’m planning a Birthday Month Blog Giveaway next month!! Shops who want to join & sponsor, please email me at sophiemos@yahoo.com 🙂 

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