Dress UP: Stay Safe

There was a phase in my life (lol) when I used to be so addicted to anything stripes (my mom and family can attest to this). I don’t think I really got sick of it, I just got attracted and addicted to other trends. Anyways, I was excited when I received this top from The Overruns Store! It rekindled my love for my stripes. <3 I think that when matched well, stripes can be effortlessly chic, be it casual or for something serious. Don’t you think so?

Thank you LovetoshopUK for these ultra light bracelets to match my outfit! 

Hype my look here.

What do you think of school outfit? Comments are loved!

I’m pretty much stuck at home now because of the effects of this intense monsoon rain but forever grateful that me and my family is safe and have a roof over our heads, electricity and food. Let’s all continue to pray for all those who are devasted and affected by this calamity. Most especially those in my area, Marikina, where the river level continues to fluctuate and not go down. 🙁 Try to help in your own little way but make sure not to risk your safety in doing so! I know that we’ll get past this as a nation, as we have done before last Ondoy. #BangonPilipinas Quoting from a post I saw on Facebook, “The Filipino Spirit is waterproof.” No matter what, no matter what. 

Stay safe, everyone! 

Forever 21 Shorts 
Posh Pocket Aqua Flats 
The Overruns Store Stripped Top 

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