Dress UP: Tone Down

I finally decided to start blogging about some of my school outfits, meaning, posting embarrassing/haggard/no-make up looks. Let’s just focus on the outfit, okay? Haha! Shout-out to my 2nd mommy, Kat, for coming up with my witty school outfit category title, “Dress UP!” which I’ll be using to label my school outfits. I hope you get it! Haha! Contrary to the title, I don’t actually really dress up in school. I just go for something simple, chic, and comfortable. So don’t expect much! Haha! 

Here’s my first Dress UP outfit post! 

Mango Shorts | Berksha Cardigan

Impulse Co Satchel Bag

Charles & Keith Sandals 

This is was such a last-minute outfit! I loved how it turned out though. Hope you guys did too! 🙂

Hype my look here.

Photos by Melissa, my super fast learner new photographer! Haha!

P.S. If you’ve noticed, I’ve gotten super tan. It’s because of all the walking I’ve been doing in UPD! Haha!

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