Forever Summer

IMG_9988This just in – 5 days til school. *CRIES* I am not ready for my brain to work yet, haha! or the stress.. yup, the stress. This summer has been a long long one but I’d have to say a productive one as well. I learned Japanese, finished some units, discovered new places, met new people, ate a lot food (yes, this is productive haha), reunited and spent quality time with high school friends (finally!!!), go on #ODAdventures, and so much more. In short, I finally started and got to do things that I’ve been putting off because of school! Hope school doesn’t take them away this time… #balance. Anyways, so this post is not very appropriate for the rainy season we’re all experiencing now. Days have been so gloomy, making me oh so lazy. I miss Mr. Sun! Not to mention, shooting under the rain has been happening more lately.. really, so hard this weather. Throwback to sunny summer days wearing this cute lilac-orange combination retro bikini! Love the color and style so much, sorta reminds me of candy! Hope this post brightens up your gloomy day! x











Ripples by Jenny top, Cesa PH bikini, Zero UV sunnies

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