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This is what I wore to Mother’s Day. I slept at 4 am the night before because I was up all night (*cue 1D song* lol. Shout out to Abby! Haha!) reading “Insurgent” (which I finished that same day. Sorry for spamming and spazzing on my twitter about it, it was just TOO AMAZING KSODKAOD :((((( ). I had to drag myself out of bed because we were going to be have breakfast/brunch at Cafe 1771, which is one of my favorite restaurants. I really love restaurants with good food + beautiful interiors. More on Cafe 1771 on another blog post.

Get ready to get sick of my face! #photospam Can’t waste such a beautiful place! (lol, that rhymes.)

Yup, I know, my blouse isn’t tucked in properly. Forgive me.

Love the plates! 

Don’t I match their pretty interiors & furniture? 🙂

I honestly had NO IDEA what to wear when I woke up. I just saw this pretty top recently sent by Style Nook and built my outfit around it. I was going to go all Candor/black and white again but I changed my mind and went for this pink skirt to break the monochromatic look. 

Nude Flatforms 

I bought this so long ago and it has been rotting in my closet. I’m so happy I finally got to wear it! Flatforms are definitely perfect if you don’t want to wear heels or flats. Haha! It’s gives that added height without sacrificing comfort!

Thank you again to That Quaint Store for these bracelets I have been abusing a little too much!

Wore this beaded detachable collar sent by RK Manila which matched my top! Btw, my giveaway with them is ending soon! Click THIS if you haven’t joined yet! 🙂

Forever 21 Body-con Skirt | Style Nook Heart Printed Top

A closer look on my top and skirt. I really love this top and I find it so timely that I wore it for Mother’s Day, the day we give love and appreciation to our moms. 🙂 

I’m actually really shocked and happy with how this outfit turned out, considering my brain wasn’t really functioning because of the lack of sleep. #zombieSophie 

Give me some love and hype my look here

What do you think of my last minute look? Comments are loved!

Photos by TJ!

See you SOON Cafe 1771! <3

Click read more for bonus photos! 😉 

Coincidentally we were all wearing pink/red! #cool

Well except for Stef… /panira loljk

Huggie buggie!

Our gift that I want for myself! #kokeshilove #japan #toocute Happy Mother’s Day again! <3

Hope you enjoyed reading! Sorry for too much photos! 😛

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