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I’ve been blessed with 20-20 vision ever since I was born. You could say it was a gift that I have taken for granted. Growing up in a digital century and having a job which entails being online and in front of several screens 24/7, my eye sight has unfortunately suffered over the years.

I started wearing glasses in college. At first I was alright with it, but soon found it very inconvenient in many occasions. I missed waking up seeing everything crystal clear, working out without having to worry about my glasses falling off, or attending bloggers events without it. I found it a burden most especially during my travels. I was more confident and carefree without glasses on.

One day I just decided that it was time I get over this insecurity. I finally mustered the courage (yes, I was really scared!) to buy myself my first pair of contact lenses and give it a try. I have always been so scared of the idea of placing something foreign in my eye. I still remember my very first attempt which took probably an hour or two. I really wondered how people would do it so fast and effortlessly! It really took sometime for me to get used to it, but eventually with practice it became as easy as putting on my glasses. Ironically, I found it more comfortable to wear contact lenses and wore it everyday. Maybe because it felt more natural seeing without any barrier or a weight over my nose and ears. I only wished that I tried it sooner!


There are several types of contact lenses. There are clear and colored ones – the latter makes it easier to find and a great way to elevate your look. There are also ones that you can use over a certain timeframe: daily, monthly, and yearly. Back when I started, I tried out the basic – clear and monthly. This means that I would store and soak my lenses in a case which had contact lens disinfecting solution after a day of use. The solution would disinfect and clean it, and had to be changed everyday. I chose the monthly lenses over daily and yearly, because back then I thought it was more value for money and felt that the yearly ones were too long (and gross, tbh).


After months of use, my eyes started to became sensitive with the lenses I was using. I tried switching brands but it still had the same effect on my eyes. I tolerated it without figuring out the main reason (very bad, I know).

But after a trip abroad, I began to feel my vision getting a lot lot worse. I remember my eyes being really blurry even if I had my glasses on. I was really scared and decided to get myself checked. I found out I got cornea abrasion, which are scratches on the surface of my eyes. There are many possible factors that can cause this but mine was primarily due to dry eyes coming into friction with the lenses.

Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds and very curable with meds. I was advised by the doctor that I had to rest my eyes and not wear lenses for a month. It was such bad timing because I had another trip to Singapore the following week but I had no choice.

I realized how much I hated wearing glasses during my trip to Singapore, especially on the day we went to Universal Studios. I couldn’t wear my glasses on most rides, which gave me a headache on top of the dizziness from the roller coasters. I couldn’t enjoy so much and felt like I couldn’t move a lot.

After my trip, I got a follow up check up to know the status of the scratches and found out my eyes have been healed. Thank god! I was still a bit hesitant to resume wearing lenses because of my other issue (redness) so my doctor advised me to get another check up with a contact lens specialist. Fast forward, I found out that I may be allergic to deposits from wearing monthly lenses and so my doctor recommended me to try daily disposable contact lenses instead. The brand he suggested for me to try was Alcon Dailies AquaComfort Plus Contact Lenses.


Because of my eye scare, I realized how important eye health is and how I should be more careful. It didn’t stop me from wearing contact lenses but reminded me of the proper usage of it. I also realized to not settle with any brand and to find one that is safe and really fits my eyes.

Daily disposable contact lenses are more expensive than monthly and yearly disposable ones. But I decided that I shouldn’t mind spending a bit more since it is my vision after all! After using them for more than a year, I haven’t experienced the redness anymore and glad I resolved the root cause. I also found that Alcon Dailies has to be the most comfortable for my eyes. They are thin and light and feel like I’m not wearing them at all. I’ve tried several brands that feel very heavy and thick, which I think causes my eyes to dry out. It has several moisturizing components such as unique blink-activated moisture which makes it so comfortable throughout the day.

I personally find it more hygienic and safer since you only use it once and don’t have to store it in a case which may be prone to more bacteria (and more chances of you forgetting to clean it well!). In a way, you also save more because you don’t have to spend on cases and solution, which you have to change very often for proper care!

Proper contact lens care also includes giving your eyes a break from contact lenses. On days when I feel that my eyes need to rest, I can just store and save the unopened lenses for future use. I can also just use them on occasions that I need to, such as when I have travels or events. The lens packs are small so I can conveniently just bring a pair or two wherever I go.


If you’ve been wearing prescription glasses, I really do recommend wearing contact lenses. If I were to go back in time, I wish someone had told me to try out daily lenses first. I shared my story not to scare you guys but to be that someone! So you don’t have to go through what I did and waste time trying and testing out different ones.

Eye health is something most of us take for granted but I believe it’s as important as all our other body parts. Make sure to practice proper care when wearing lenses and you’ll get the most out of your experiences! #LiveFreely #SeeClearly

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