Kenji Tei

I celebrated my grad dinner at Kenji Tei because I’ve been wanting to try out this restaurant and I haven’t had Japanese food in a long long time. I’m not the buffet type so I didn’t celebrate my grad in hotels that offers buffets like most graduates do.

Lucky enough, we were able to score a table. We were supposed to reserve the day before but they don’t accept reservations. The place is sort of crowded and the tables are close together, making it quite noisy. 

I ordered their bestseller Chasu Miso Ramen. I had high expectations because my dad said it was good and better than other ramen places. Presentation wise, I was already slightly disappointed. Most ramens I’ve tried have a lot of toppings making it pretty colorful. This looks quite plain. I was also disappointed with the ramen itself. The meat had a lot of fats, that I just had to take out most of the meat from my bowl. The noodles were ordinary. I didn’t quite like the texture. The soup was pretty okay too.

Forgot the name of this rice! Steffi said it was good! I remember her saying it seemed bottomless because of the big serving.

Dad’s Yakisoba

We also ordered their Crispy Chicken Teriyaki! This I loved! I ate like 5 or more pieces! The chicken was crispy and the teriyaki sauce was so good! This is what you must definitely order when you eat in Kenji Tei!

Thanks for reading! My fellow batch 2012 graduates/readers, where did you celebrate your gradinner? Let me know! 🙂

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