Korea: Day 1

We had a scheduled tour for our first day in Korea. I didn’t get to catch the name of all the places we visited but they are basically temples in Seoul (obviously not a travel blogger, lol.)

The first temple we visited had a lot of pretty flowers. 

Elephant! So creative!


More on my outfit here.

We only stayed in this area for about 15 minutes or less, because we had to move to the next temple. For me, one of the disadvantages of being in a tour is that you’re always in a rush and you don’t get to fully appreciate the beauty of the place, because you have to follow the itinerary set by the tour guide. Good thing, we only took part of a tour for one day.

This is our tour guide, Wendy, leading us to the next temple. She’s holding this cute flower stick that she raises to get our attention and so no one gets lost and left behind. Not so effective, lol. 

The next place we visited was huge and so beautiful. It had a lot of different temples and a  museum.

Coming from a tropical country, autumn is one of the seasons I’ve always dreamed to experience. The place was such a breathtaking site. The autumn trees were just so lovely and beautiful. I feel like I can just stare at them forever.

It was such a dream come true to have a photo with autumn trees! Ahh so pretty! <3

At the museum.

Super adorable Korean kids at the museum! They are soo kyuuutt!! I wanna bring them home and carry them in my pocket, loljk.

Look at those details! Amazing!

Some koreans talked to us in korean and said “twins?” Haha! I really don’t see it! Lol.

Instagram photos!

This is the next temple we went to! 

We watched the changing of guards.

Our next stop was this antique shopping place. By this time, I was freezing cold and all I wanted was a pair of gloves and hot coffee. Luckily, I got both!

Cute lovers walking with matching jackets! 

Our last stop was Namdaemun Market. We we’re all excited because we all thought we we’re finally going to shop. Because the place was big, Wendy led the way and told us to follow her. We started walking and I saw so many things that I wanted to check out but we didn’t stop walking. Our “shopping time” apparently became window shopping, because we just passed all the shops. Lol. At the end, we had to beg Wendy to give us even just 10 minutes to shop and look around. 


So that’s pretty much what happened on my first day in Korea! Hope you enjoyed reading! Would appreciate your comments! <3 To make this post less heavy than it already is, I’m making a separate post on the food trip we had on the same day, so watch out for that next! 🙂 

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