Lee Pipes x Bazooka Rocks 3


Finally blogging about this! I’m currently drowning in never-ending school and org work #BSOrg but taking a break by blogging, which I miss! 🙁 Going back, I haven’t attended a concert in quite a long time, so I was definitely stoked when Lee Pipes invited me to the Bazooka Rocks 3 concert last August 31, which was held in the SMX Convention Center.


The moment I stepped in, I knew that it wasn’t going to be like any other concert (those who went, you would know what I’m talking about!) 


So these two were the first ones to welcome me! Just had to snap a photo with them! 


Tea, anyone? (Love the Alice in Wonderland themed set!)


The second thing that caught my eye was this huge Lee Pipes Pop-up booth! I then headed over there to make my own custom tee!  



First step was picking up my Lee shirt… at the back of this vintage mini van! Seriously loved the whole booth set-up! 


Next step was personalizing my tee! There were so many options to choose from, that I didn’t know where to start and what to do with my shirt, haha! #indecisiveforever



This was so cool! This sandwich looking machine thing (whatever it’s called, lol) transfers the print (letters) to the shirt by pressing down the top board! So easy!



Tada! My Lee Pipes cropped top! I was too overwhelmed by the choices I ended up keeping my tee simple, lol. 


The whole #customtees experience was even more fun because of blasting good music in the background! 




And like the booth, there were so many food options at the concert. Enjoyed a yummy hungarian sausage! Nom 


Definitely was not bored! So sad I had to leave early cause I had to study for an exam, but had so much fun in my short stay! Thank you Lee Pipes for having me and Martin! 


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