Me and my family had Sunday lunch at Lu, which was suggested by my mom since she has eaten there before several times.

Lu’s ambiance is quite chill and dim because of the lights (my photo is just brighter than actual).

What we ordered:

Beef Wellington

My mom and TJ were disappointed with this dish because the meat wasn’t flavorful considering its price, although the pastry was good.

Lu’s Naughty Fish and Chips

My mom said it was “okay.”

If you’re my close friend or relative, you would know how much I love cheese! Heck, I can marry cheese. Too good. So I couldn’t resist ordering this Mac n’ Truffled 5-Cheese! Truffle and cheese goooodness. 

This is one of the best Mac n Cheese’s I’ve tried in my 17 years of existence, lol. Totes beats the instant Mac n’ Cheese from S&R and 2nd’s. And it doesn’t give the “umay” effect even if it’s all cheese. 

Lu is pretty pricey, so you’ve got to choose carefully what to order so you won’t get disappointed. Nonetheless, I want to come back to try the Green Tea Salmon (it was out of stock)! 🙁

Lu is located outside of Power Plant Mall, Rockwell.

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