Manila Heat


I can’t wait til the heat wave in Manila is over! The moment I step out of my house, I feel like I’m going inside a sauna. One of the reasons why I hated summer class is the immense heat that isn’t really conducive to studying/learning (hello, acad shift). I can’t really imagine taking regular class in this weather….


Anyways on to the outfit… blue, red, and white are such complementary colors that you can’t really go wrong if you put them together!

mh3I’m really into these kind of necklaces that have simple and small pendants with meaning. This one reminds me to smile!


Bringing back my inner bow addiction I had back then! Remember my cutesy outfits then? 


To combat the heat, I usually wear light and breezy clothes + sunnies like this! How do you stand the summer heat? 


What do you think of my look? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Fashionality Cebu Top, Edge Co. necklace, Girl’s Haven sandals

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