McCormick: Flavor Nation Festival

Last weekend, I managed to get out of my finals month hole/cave to attend McCormick’s Flavor Festival last May 16 at the Activity Center of Bonifacio High Street. It was definitely worth it that my taste buds thanked me after! Read on to know why!


IMG_6707Flavor Nation Festival is McCormick’s way of showing the world that there is truly more to taste, as food is an experience waiting to be shared with loved ones.
Entrance was FREE for the public to experience the festival. There was so much to do and so much going on, but first – food! I went to try out the specialty food stalls, which served delicious dishes infused with McCormick herbs, spices and meal mixes.

I love how they collaborated with various Chefs for the different stalls to make their own creations and fusions of McCormick spices, which made each dish really unique and well-thought of!

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They had a Spiced Beverage bar offering drinks, and to my surprise was actually good!

Lol @ wind.

While going around and stuffing ourselves (10 stalls, lol) there was an ongoing program filled with fun activities and games.
Of course, with any festival there were some live performances too.
There was also an artsy fartsy area with these cool paintings.

Beside it was the photo booth station, which we visited last to cap off our gastronimical experience!


Along the way out, I saw this cute booth filled with personal and funny notes from the attendees of the event!


Thank you McCormik for having me! Had so much fun!
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