My Lazada Online Revolution Wishlist + Haul

Holiday shopping can get really crazy. Have you been to the mall recently? With Christmas just 20 days away, it seems like there’s no such thing as dead time and malls are swimming with people. I’m not really a fan of huge crowds and get nauseous being around so many people, so I prefer to shop in peace and not in a rush. But because there are sales everywhere to take advantage of, I sometimes have no choice but to struggle and just deal with the crowd to get the best deals! Recently though there has been a major online sale that saved me from doing so! Last November 11, LAZADA launched its Online Revolution where they offered up to 95% on top brands and hosted a lot of major hot deals and flash sales. Of course, there was no better time to go online shopping than that day! Although beforehand, I made sure to already “window shop” and add items to my wishlist first (they have this option!) to be prepared and not stress myself on the sale day itself. Lazada offers possibly anything you could think of from clothes, make up, gadgets to home decor and fixtures! So as not to overwhelm myself, I chose to stick to the Fashion and Beauty category. Below are some of the things on my wishlist!lazadashop

After FINALLY (will not tell you guys how long I took, lol) deciding on what I wanted to get, I confirmed my order and instantly got my shipping details! The whole process was absolutely convenient, quick, and hassle-free, compared to shopping at malls and the like. Oh, and if you guys are worried about paying online, you can choose to do COD (cash on delivery). And if you are hesitant to buy because you might get the wrong size or the item might not be what you expect, you can return it for FREE and get your money back! Safe and easy, right?


I ended up ordering these white Parisian heels, which I’ve been eyeing but never found at their stores. Luckily, Lazada got them! Yay! In addition to that, I also ordered the makeup organizer, which is still on its way! I can’t wait to finally get it to fix my messy makeup stash. (The two items have their own shipping dates because of different suppliers and so I got the shoes first instead of having to wait for a date where both items are available for shipping.)




So happy with my shopping loot! Did you miss the last Lazada Online Revolution? Don’t worry there is a second phase happening already this December 7-12, 2016 – be sure not to miss it!

Thanks to Clozette and Lazada for saving me from holiday shopping madness and still helping me get the best fashion and beauty deals this season! Know more about Clozette on


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