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Our newest OREO Ice Cream! Homemade and no preservatives AT ALL! This is available as Mochi Ice Cream at our bakery! 🙂

Also another new product, Dark Chocolate Tart! It has the perfect amount of sweetness so you don’t get sick of it even after one!

I’ve been pretty busy and drained with school lately. This weekend is also a stressful and busy one for me, so I apologize in advance for the lack of posts. But after next week, I’ll be less busy(hopefully)! 

Wish me luck with my deadlines and exams! 🙂 

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Hi Miss Sophie,

Since the day that I follow your blog, you already become my idol. I’ve noticed that we’re in the same age but you look younger than me. And I was amazed by your talent and interest 🙂 Hope we become friends 

My first ever fanmail! Aww wow! Thank you! 🙂

Anonymous asked you:
hi can i ask! who’s baking and designing your cake? is it you or your mom. or you have chef in your bakery?

I don’t bake(I just like to eat lol); I handle the marketing side of the business. We have bakers in our bakery, who usually bake the cake, but my mom does all the designing and recipes.

What perfume do you use? and what’s your fave scent? 🙂
I’m not really a perfume person, sorry! 🙁 
Hello there! You’re very pretty and you don’t look like a 17-yr old gal. You’re so adorable! love your looks too 🙂
Hello! Is that a good thing? Haha! Thank you! 🙂
You’re such a sweetheart!! You’re so cute and I really love your style! Just added you on one of my inspirations! *u* So glad I found your blog. A friend of mine just told me that you reminds her of me, and I don’t know why is that. Heehee. Keep blogging girl! ♥
Aww thank you so much! I’m so touched to be one of your inspirations! 🙂 Will try to, despite the busy sched! 🙂
Hi Sophie! Thank you for following me! Can I just say you’re a very, very pretty girl and I like your bakery’s mochi balls. Hee. Love, Krish
Hi! Thank you for following me too! Glad you like our mochi balls! 🙂
Oh it’s Sophie haha I finally got to meet you how awesome! Glad you liked the pics! It’s from a feature I did with your mom 🙂 Followed you!
Thanks for featuring us! Thank you! 🙂

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