OD Adventures: Pinto Art Museum

So before I end up not blogging about this, I finally worked on this post and finished it after 2 looong nights of drafting! (warning: very image heavy) I’m starting a new section on my blog entitled OD Adventures, where I’ll be sharing my adventures and experiences at unique and unknown places. This is also to feature some hidden nooks and sights and showcase the beautiful places in our country, that’s just waiting to be found! Hope you can suggest me other adventure places as well! As for my first post, I’m featuring this beautiful gallery hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Read more to know about it!



Me and my boyfriend have this list of far places we want to visit and we agreed to squeeze in at least once a month, a full day out of town to go on a adventure! Last month, we went to visit the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. I’ve been wanting to go there for so long but never had the time until summer class was over (rejoice! but I cry now as I begin another midyear summer class lol #whatdoidotomyself).


First thing you see when you enter! Definitely one of my favorite spots. Peg for my future house, haha! #OneDay 



Can’t help but abuse it and take lots of photos! 



My favorite sunnies from Zero UV that I’ve been abusing a lot lately! 



Will tell you more about my outfit on a separate post 🙂 


The tour guide said that the Museum was based on the idea of “man + nature + art,” and you can truly see it as you engage yourself in the place and notice how the whole place is enveloped by trees and plants and not much concrete. 


This spot was an insanely wide space filled with Filipino paintings. As I entered, I was speechless at the size of the room and paintings. To add to that, it was as if we had the whole place to ourselves even if there were around 2 groups going around because of the size of the whole museum.




I really enjoy going to museums and art fairs because it satisfies my inner art geek who craves for these kinds of artsy stuff. There’s something so relaxing about it and it bring me some peace even just for a while. If you’re not really into art, I still HIGHLY suggest you to visit this place because everything about the place is just so beautiful. The ambiance, interiors and architecture are art in itself.



Saw something similar to this in the Art Fair before! Still so cool!


One of my favorites! Look closely! 🙂 



Wanted to try this out! Maybe next time! 🙂 


I never noticed it until we talked to one of the tour guides (who was very unexpectedly so profound, not your typical tour guide I must say, haha!) who said that it’s called “Pinto” because there are many doors all over the place leading to different rooms and paths. 








The only downside to the place is that it was soo hot. So we had to stop and rest many times, as you can see below, lol. 



After everything, we got some refreshments they sold there. We each had a glass of cold fresh buko juice that was just a perfect way to cool down with such a great view. 🙂 


My photos seriously don’t do justice to the place. The place is too huge that it’s impossible to capture every single thing and all its beauty. I actually had such a hard time cutting down and deciding what to post on my blog so this post doesn’t cover everything about the place. Also, so that to leave you guys with something more to see when you visit. 🙂 


Should I post more of my adventures? Would appreciate your thoughts and adventure suggestions! <3 

Pinto Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights Subdivision, 1870 Antipolo, Rizal and open on Tuesdays-Sundays from 9am-6pm. It’s also very student friendly! Regular entrance ticket is P150 but if you have your student ID, it’s only P75!

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