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Warning: wordy & lengthy post ahead. 

I never thought and expected that one of my wildest dreams to come true this summer. I’ve been wanting to travel SO SO BAD this whole summer and I was beginning to lose hope because we haven’t made any plans AT ALL. It was only in the middle of the month of April that me and my mom started looking for flights abroad. What is cramming? Lol. We couldn’t go to Japan, Korea, London, States and France – we we’re too late to apply for a Visa. And then suddenly, what seemed like a miracle, an appointment for the Greek embassy was available on the last week of April! Fast-forward to a month later, we all got a Greek Visa and a multiple entry, allowing us to go to Paris too. Well, what can I say? Best crammer family ever. (well, they are, although I’m starting to become one too.) Lol. #proud

See my banner up there? That’s actually my vision board. If you’ve read the book, “The Secret,” you would know what it means. If not, we’ll it’s like my “dream/inspiration board.” See the Eiffel Tower up there? See the caption of the 3rd photo of my post here? Who knew those dreams would come true so soon? 🙂 (Well, I didn’t get to go to Santorini exactly but it’s close enough :P)

Okay, I bet a lot of you already skipped ^ that part and went to the pictures. But what I really mean to say is that never, never stop dreaming! No matter how wild or big they are! You can make it happen one day. 😉

Well, without further ado,

Our flight was at 8 pm, which was a really good time because could we just easily sleep on the plane and didn’t really have to adjust to the time difference. 

That’s Four (my iPhone 4s /yes, I just named my phone. Hello there fellow Divergent die-hard fans! Thanks Cherisse for the genius name!) And yes, that, my friends is a plug. Yes, on a plane!!! How awesome is that?! Scream convenience!

Vain photos are vain. 

Okay, so I was planning and actually really looking forward to reading on the plane when I got bored. But I ended up not even touching the books I brought! #whattashame Because of that awesome updated TV right there. I was able to marathon New Girl, watched 21 Jump Street, and listened to my jams. So glad I didn’t get to download music on my phone before the trip!

My current jams: Birdy & Ed Sheeran! Listen to them! <3 I love singers with sooooul. Know any other singers with their style? Comment them!

Yummy Ham & Cheese thing!

Stopover at HK!

I reallyyy looove airports (international airports though, I wish they would really fix ours up.) I just love the traveling vibe it gives. 

With Sophie’s Mom! More on my airplane look here

On the plane to Paris. Pretty skies, simple joys. 

Dinner on the plane: Fusilli with corn zucchini sauce and parmesan cheese, Cucumber w/ surmise crab, zucchini salad & Italian herb dressing.

Häagen-Dazs for dessert! Yum. 

Breakfast meal: Seasonal fresh fruit, Fruit yoghurt, Onion and bacon frittata with Hashbrown, Cumberland sausage, mushroom and grilled tomato, croissant with fruit preserve & butter. Two thumbs up! Happy tummy! 🙂

There’s something about airplane food that I love. I think it’s the presentation – the shiny foil, tiny cups, tray, some fruits and bread on the side, dessert, that I find cute. Haha! Weird, I know. 

Ahh such a long post! And that’s just on the way to Paris! Hope you guys won’t get bored reading. -__- Do you guys prefer just a photo-diary (without captions)? :/ Let me know! Comments are very much appreciated. 🙂

Photos are a mix from my iPhone, my sister’s point & shoot cam, and my cam. 

P.S. I hope that this post/my blog inspired you somehow! Apart from wanting my blog to be something I, personally, can look back too. I hope that you, my readers get something good out of it. 🙂

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