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There are many moments where I feel like I just need to stop, write, and release my thoughts. I usually don’t post much about my personal life here on my blog but now I feel like I should since this is my personal space and outlet after all.


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Let me begin this personal entry by sharing one fact about me: I am never chill. Not crazy, just not too chill. I always feel the need to be on-the-go, balancing so many things all at once, and jumping to different places all in one day with my trusty planner on hand. A workaholic, maybe? Time is so precious to me and I feel like I’m getting older by the second! It’s crazy! I’m 22 and there are so many things I want in my life right now – so many things I want to do, to see, to experience, to accomplish, and to attain. Being naturally an impatient person (I have come to admit and embrace it), it’s frustrating having to go through things that I don’t feel are worth my time. I’m not sure if it’s me being a “millennial” that I have this outlook of just wanting to make my goals happen right NOW – working towards it everyday and making each day count.

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This could also be because of my desire for personal growth, to be much more and be the best version of myself. I’m the type of person who never settles until I’ve beat and tired myself out. At the end of each day, I want to go to bed fulfilled and motivated and wake up knowing that whatever I have to do for that day is a step closer towards my goals.

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For the past months last year, I have been struggling to “find” this feeling. I felt like I was growing at such a slow pace and was moving away from my dreams. I could not live with myself with each passing day, knowing in my heart that it was just not for me. I knew myself enough to know that.

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After a few months, I took a leap of faith without any real plans and made a “big” and what many would think is an impractical decision. One thing I learned during my decision process is to just stop thinking whatever people would think. At the end of day, it’s about how you feel and how contented you are with your life. It’s your life. As long as you are not harming anybody with your decision, make that decision to choose yourself.

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Almost two months after my decision, I realized that there are things you just have to go through even ones you feel are a waste of time. Because as cliche as it sounds, these experiences do make you stronger and a lot wiser. It’s all part of the journey of growing up, finding yourself, and realizing who you want to be and the path you want to take in life.

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Now I am slowly moving towards my dreams. And I realized that sometimes you have to take it slow and enjoy the ride. But always just keep moving forward! Never stop and be disheartened if results aren’t materializing. Challenges are always to be expected. But no matter what, always always be thankful for what you have and what you are about to receive.

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I started this blog to inspire people to follow their dreams. And I hope this post somehow does! Envision and start your #oneday dreams today because you can never take back time. It’s the most expensive thing in the world!


To all those chasing their dreams against all odds, we can do this and we’ll get there! Sending you all my love and support! 🙂

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