Pancake House + White Hat

As said in my previous post, me and my friend, Abby went to the Fort. We had lunch at Pancake House first because it was the first thing we saw and I haven’t eaten there for quite a long time!

Different movie posters! This has always been their display ever since!

Ordered their Blueberry Pancakes because I’ve been craving for this for the longest time! I know, I know, pancakes for lunch? Who cares if it’s lunch! Haha! Don’t you just love eating breakfast food for lunch/dinner sometimes? Cause I do! Haha! 

I swear, Pancake House has the best pancakes ever. They really live up to their name! Their pancakes are light and fluffy! The blueberry syrup has the perfect amount of sweetness– not too sweet! 

Abby ordered their signature Pan Spaghetti! I really love this too! 2nd best spaghetti next to Jollibee’s! 

After a few hours of chilling, we went to White Hat to get some drinks. I wanted to try some of their other new drinks after trying it for the first time

Their branch in Fullybooked is so pretty! 

These white chairs are love! <3

Me and Abs, got the same drink again! I was debating on whether to get Blueberry or Almond Cream, but Almond Cream won! 


Mine. No whipped cream for me! (I hate whipped cream! Weird, I know.)

We both really loved this drink! The sweetness was just right! I liked this better than the Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie. For some reason, it took us forever to finish this drink! I guess that it was a lot so definitely worth our money! (compared to drinks which are all ice). 

Feeling endorser lang ang peg. 

Happy tummy, happy day! What makes your tummy happy? 🙂

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