Paris Day 1

First of all, sorry for being a bit MIA here on my blog! I’m getting really busy with the start of school. Sadly, I feel like this will be happening more often too.. 🙁 (blog < school) #priorities. I’m trying my best to make time for my blog! Hope you guys understand! 🙁

When we arrived at the hotel, we couldn’t check-in yet and because there was no time to waste, we changed and headed out to the beautiful streets of Paris!

We took the Metro (lol at Sam’s feet)! I miss this! I wish our LRT/MRT was like this… 

Our first stop: THE Eiffel Tower! <3

Paris is too pretty! /cries

We pretty much just walked and walked and took photos with the beautiful scenery.

More on my outfit details here

Yes, I changed my shades three times, lol.

Me & Stef! 

Super pretty paintings but so expensive! 

Beautiful streets of Paris.

Tambay people under the bridge! It’s actually a really looong line of people…

I just had too. Just for lols.

Day 1 ended tiring but amazing. Watch out for a separate food post of Day 1! 

P.S. Photos are a mix from my iPhone 4S & Stef’s cam. 

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