Paris Food Trip Day 2

Finally got the time to blog! Sorry for being such a bad blogger. 🙁 It’s hard to be a good student and blogger at the same time. 🙁 Anyways, here’s what I ate on my 2nd day in Paris!

For breakfast, we headed to this Artisan Bakery (more on that on my Food Trip Day 3 post). We grabbed some croissants for breakfast! This has to be the BEST CROISSANT I’VE TASTED IN MY LIFE. It’s soo good, buttery, and soft! /cries lol

For lunch, we went to one of the best crepe places we researched on. 

BEST CREPE EVER. Walang sinabi ang Cafe Breton! Haha! You’d think you won’t get full with a crepe but this crepe is SO filling and big! It was so hard to finish! This has to be one of the best meals I’ve had in Paris. 

For dessert, we went to Amorino, which was really close by the crepe place we ate in.  Also, based on our research, this is one of the best gelato places in Paris.

You get as many flavors as you want. I got the lemon and raspberry flavors. I got the cone because they would shape the gelato to a pretty flower like that! The only problem is that it wasn’t much gelato. 🙁 It was weird that it melted so fast and wasn’t as thick as I expected it to be. Well, it’s still pretty and cool! Haha! Picture purposes! Lol.

For dinner, we went to a pizza place near our hotel.

Good pizza! Super generous serving of cheeeeeeese. 

Look at that big piece of Brie cheeeeese. Hngggg. 

Hungry? Haha! Till my next Paris post! 🙂 

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