Pop of Tangerine

This is what I wore on another day in Tagaytay. Because I knew we were going to be going to the zoo (more on that on a separate post) and a lot of walking, I wanted to wear something for the hot weather and something comfortable.

I built my outfit on this top from Melty Kiss, which is part of their summer collection! I love the pop of tangerine, which makes my outfit sort of summer-y. It was perfect for the hot weather since it’s sheer and light. 

Clothes for the Goddess Shorts

Forever 21 Boots

So glad I wore these to the zoo! You can just imagine the ground, dust…

Thank you That Quaint Store for these bracelets! 

What do you think of my look? Hype my look here.

That’s my cousin Kamia, who took my photos! 🙂

Click read more for bonus photos!

And because I haven’t had enough of jump shots…

Too late.

As you can see I’m slowly getting the hang of it! Haha!

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