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I had lunch at Press Cafe last Sunday with my family. This isn’t the first time we’ve eaten here, probably the fourth or fifth time.

Press Cafe is located beside FullyBooked in Rockwell. So you can just grab a book and read while you eat. 

I guess why I never hesitate to come back and eat in Press Cafe is because their food seems like it was just made at home (which is quite a good thing!) I don’t know why but it taste natural and fresh. Like the good healthy taste, I guess.

OMM, one of their bestsellers. This is supposedly an appetizer but I think it can pass as a meal!  

Sister’s order: Chicken Pot Pie

Looks gooooood.

Dad’s order: Roasted Chicken (If I’m not mistaken) Serving of chicken was really generous! 

I ordered a Chicken Melt. Everything I love is in this sandwich! Swiss cheese, pesto, grilled chicken and mushrooms! Great, I’m craving for one right now….

Don’t underestimate the looks and size of this sandwich! I don’t know but for me, Press’ servings are big and really worth your money. It’s relatively cheap too!

I recommend Press Cafe, especially for those who just want to chill and relax. They also have a variety of salads, sandwiches, pasta, meals, sweets and drinks. 🙂

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Hi Ms. Sophie! I just wanted to ask, what course are you going to take up in college? 🙂 Love your blog and your shop (esp. the red velvet cupcakes)! More power! 🙂 x
Hi! I’m taking BS Business Administration in UP. Aww thank you! So glad you love my blog and Sophie’s Mom! 🙂
Wow! 17-year old entrepreneur? I love you na agad! :)) Ang pretty 🙂 Take care. Back reading your blog. Hihi :>
Haha! Thanks for reading my blog! <3

Since you’re in Makati, I suppose you study in CSA? 🙂

Nope! 🙂

What camera do you use? 🙂

Canon 450D! 🙂

Hi! Can I just say you’re so pretty! Haven’t met you in person but with the stories you’re posting, you seem so kind and sweet! More powers to you and your bakery! 🙂 Can I ask lang what camera you are using, and the specifics na din? Hope you don’t mind! Thank you so much!!

Aww thank you! I normally use a Canon 450D, 50mm f/1.8! Hoping to get a new lens thou! 😛

I love your layout/theme! vintage-y & sweet. 🙂 How much did you pay for it? for free? or is she your friend? I love it! <3

Aww thank you! That’s what I really wanted my theme to be. I paid for it! I think it depends on your design. 🙂

hi sophie. you’re really adorable. 🙂 i love your outfit looks.
aww thank you! glad you love them! 🙂

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